Wednesday 28th January, 2015: Hell Deck



2 rounds of : 20 Second Couch Stretch; 5 Kip Swings; 5 Inch Worms; 50 M Butt Kickers; 50 M High Knees; then with the PVC Pipe : 30 Pass Throughs; 30 Back Squats; 30 Front Squats; 30 Over Head Squats


Back Squats: 5 x 5

WOD: Hell Deck: 20 Minute time cap

Remove all the face cards from a deck of cards and use the numbers of each Suit to represent the number of reps you have to do of each of the following movements, where each suit is as follows:

Hearts: Back Squats

Clubs: Front Squats

Diamonds: DeadLifts

Spades: Press

Rx: 100/95 M; 85/ 75 pounds W

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