Tuesday 29th October 2013



4 Rounds of:

20 Butt Kicks

20 Sit Ups


For Time:


Kettle Bell Swings

Pull Ups

Jump Tucks

Double Under BUY OUT:

10 DU’s/ 20 Singles

20 DU’s/ 30 Singles

30 DU’s/ 40 Singles

40 DU’s/ 50 Singles

30 DU’s/40 Singles

20 DU’s/ 30 Singles

10 DU’s/ 20 Singles

You must complete each ‘Level’ of DU’s or Single skips in succession before being allowed to move on to the next ‘Level’. In other words complete all 10 DU’s/ 20 Single Skips consecutively before going on to the ‘Level’ of 20/30. If you mess up , you must start over. (Frustrating I know).

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