Saturday 16th November 2013: In Memoriam of the 25 and the 10 we lost…


For Time:

150 M Walking Lunge with 25# Plate

100 Double Unders/ 300 Single Skips

400 M Run

20 KBS (45# W; 55# M)

400 M Run

20 Box Jumps (20″ W; 24″ M)

400 M Run

20 Over Head Squats 45#

400 M Run

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 45#

400 M Run

20 Burpees (Weighted 25# plate)

This WOD is dedicated to the 25 pound plate and the 10 pound plate we lost this week due to Damage and Abuse after being repeatedly thrown down and cast aside.

Let’s hope that they will be the only such victims and we all take better care of those that have been left behind to mourn.

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