• Rodney Vire Head Coach

    Rodney is International Sports and Science Association (ISSA) certified, LeMond Certified and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer who has been in the fitness industry for over twenty years as a personal trainer. Rodney stumbled onto CrossFit while training his clients. His focus had always been on body building and physique until he discovered CrossFit and found that there was some similarity to the way he trained clients at the time, but recognized that the functional movements and training of what CrossFit offered seemed to be the missing piece to make physical training complete. There has been no turning back since he stumbled onto the Official CrossFit Homepage five years ago.
    “Living in the Caribbean, we are losing the ability to eat as we used to some twenty years ago. We are heading towards an unhealthy lifestyle of stagnation and fast food. CrossFit has given me, and the people I train with, the power to educate others on healthy choices though the way we eat, and the ability to teach functional movements to help live a better lifestyle. Introducing CrossFit into our community gives us the possibility of rediscovering the core foundation movements…”- Rodney

  • Michael Persad

    Michael is  a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Lifesaving Society, a certified Dragonboat instructor with the TTDBF and a Level 1 Crossfit instructor certified in January 2009. He has coached corporate teams such as the Digicel Dragons and high school teams such as St Francois Girls College to a championship win. He represented Trinidad and Tobago as a National  Athlete in the World Dragonboating Championships 2011 in Tampa Florida. Michael spent many years from 1999 to 2006 experimenting with different methodologies of training to enable optimum performance over a broad base of activities. The Crossfit method came up whilst researching online in 2006 and he realized that this was the exact sum of all his experimenting. He immediately incorporated it into his training then by extension to his teams and clients. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal when compared to the ‘conventional’ methods of training known to the masses.

    Functionality over aesthetics!  Crossfit’s benefits span your entire lifestyle – the physical, neurological, psychologial, social, spiritual. It affects you, your co-workers, your friends, your family and your community by bringing physical health, positivity, camaraderie and healthy eating habits to everyone that a Crossfitter comes into contact with. As Crossfit coaches we are responsible for spreading the knowledge that changes people’s lives positively, getting them to a level that they would not achieve on their own without the proper guidance….. ‘- Michael’


    Crossfit Works…… fullstop

  • Jamie Hadeed-Leotaud

    My life outside of CrossFit consists of being a wife, a caterer, and an event manager, holding an honors degree in International Relations and Economics. My athletic background includes playing junior tennis for Trinidad and Tobago, representing my country throughout the Caribbean and parts of Southern Florida. For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight; the majority of my childhood and teenage years, I was considered obese. This struggle took me from one failed exercise regime to another…until I stumbled upon CrossFit.
    CrossFit didn’t become an immediate answer to weight loss, but more so, it became my happy place. I found an environment where I not only loved working out, but I fell in love with the atmosphere and what we call “the community.” CrossFit, to me, became my home away from home. My willingness to learn and urge to help others, led me to obtain my CrossFit Level 1 Certification, making me the first registered female L1 in our Box. I don’t plan on stopping here though! I have high hopes of bringing CrossFit Kids to the future of health and fitness in Trinidad and Tobago.
    Favorite WoD: Anything involving heavy lifting
    Least Favorite: Burpees/Running
    “The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community”- Greg Glassman