1st August 2013: Emancipation Day Wods

1st August 2013: Emancipation Day Wods

Teams of TWO Persons do the following:

WOD 1:

10 Minute AMRAP:

20 KBS (45lb W; 55 lb M)

30 M Weighted Walk (25 M)

50 M Sprint

Stair Climb (89 Steps)

50 M Sprint

30 M Weighted Walk

Tag your Partner who then  starts with the Kettle Bell Swings…

Count your Rounds.

WOD 2:

One partner does Overhead Lunges with the 25 lb plate for a 30 M Distance whilst the other one runs Shuttles. When the partner gets to the end of the 30 M she tags her next partner who begins to do the Overhead Lunges while she begins her Shuttle Runs. Count the number of Lunges completed.

WOD 3: 

21 -15 -9 For Time

First partner starts with:

21 Over Head Squats with 25 lb plate

15 KBS (45 lb W; 55 lb M)

9 Right hand KB Press; 9 Left Hand KB Press

60 M Sprint

Then tags Partner who completes the same movements.



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